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100 MILE RUCK - Maryland to DC

100 Miles, in 36 hours!

100 Mile Ruck - Maryland to DC

Come join the Marines of Always Brothers, as they experience pain, fatigue, pride and most importantly, honor.

Why we ruck
Going into our 9th year, Always Brothers will be rucking 100 miles in 36 hours. In 2021, on August 7th , we are planning to ruck from Thurmont, Maryland which is located below the Presidential Retreat Camp David, though the states of Maryland and Virginia, into D.C. and up to Arlington. Our ruck will honor Captain Tyler Swisher(USMC) as well as the fallen from across the country and raise money for the Captain Swisher Scholarship Fund. The ruck is expected to begin at 12:01 am on August 7th, 2021 and end on August 8th, 2021 at approximately 12:30 noon at Arlington National Cemetery. This ruck is not a race. We will stay as a formation, moving at an estimated 3mph. We will start together and end together as a sign of the unity shared between military members, civilian participants, and the Marines who started the organization.

You can donate using any major credit or debit card, or even the good old fashioned Postal Service. Make your donation on line or mail it in. You can even donate supplies or resources. Click this link to be taken to all the details.

We are currently planning to utilize a similar route we used in 2011 for the 100 Miles for Swisher Run. As such, that route was based on logistical support and route availability back in 2011. Our team will be travelling to the area this Fall to physically retrace the route and solidify logistics. They will be meeting with donors, participanting municipalities and organizations, and with government agencies to ensure the event willbe supported throughout the planned route.Please check back in with us in the futureto catch any new updates.


If you need to contact Always Brothers during the event, you can call our direct line. This line will get you in contact with the Event Manager, who can give you up to the second details on location, personnel, or answer any questions you may need.